*Preview* -- Bridget

*Preview* -- Bridget

Digital Scan 

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This is a preview of a scan not yet available for instant download. If you are interested in this image now, please contact us, and we can expedite the process for you.


This digital image is authentically sourced from old stock wallpaper rolls from the Hannah's Treasures vintage wallpaper collection. It is a digital scan and not a physical product. Our library of images is always expanding, providing abundant starting points for you design projects.

    Original Details-

    • Date: 1950s
    • Selvage: "top, join" ; on back- "Plastic Bonded for Easy Cleaning, Color-Locked Guaranteed, Imperial Washable Wallpaper, See Imperial silver label page in front of this book, U.W.P.C. of N.A., Union Made, Wet Strength Paper for Easy Hanging, Sidewall Np. Untrimmed 711671, Sidewall No. Trimmed 721671, Border No. 732671"
    • Manufacturer: Imperial                          
    • Pattern Width: 18 inches
    • Design Repeat: 19 inches                       
    • Pattern Match: drop                               
    • Extra: metallic silver details

    sku: DR083

    Digital files are crisp, high quality images with all watermarks removed. The sample image is slightly cropped, but the image you receive will be larger. The full repeat is visible and can be matched/tiled. We intentionally leave a thin perimeter of background or selvage edge to ensure your designer has all possible material to work with. Design or photoshop expertise may be required to seamlessly tile and adjust color. Colors vary between different screens and printers; you will need to sample and approve colors before physically reproducing. Please review fine print below.

    PLEASE NOTE  Because these images are scans of actual old stock vintage wallpapers, they still maintain the imperfections authentic to the original manufacturing. If the printed vintage wallpaper had unequal distribution of color across a roller or incongruencies at the seams, this digital scan will retain those idiosyncrasies. Expect your design team to spend time adjusting this image to achieve your final desired result; this is intended to be a source image, not a ready-to-print product. Hannah's Treasures does not offer in-house design or printing services; you are responsible for finding these professionals.  If you are going to physically produce this image, allow the necessary design time to work with your printing service to view samples and make color value adjustments. Hannah's Treasures is not responsible for third party printing and design fees. All sales are final; we cannot accommodate refunds based on misunderstanding of the product or failure to find a printing service