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Welcome to Vintage Wallpaper Archive, a library of digital images sourced from authentic vintage wallpaper patterns. We are a design cache of vintage images from the early 1900s all the way through the 1970s. We're in the process of rapidly expanding our inventory day by day, so do come back and visit frequently to check out what's new. 


Vintage Wallpaper Archive is the next iteration of our wonderful over-arching business, Hannah's Treasures. Hannah's Treasures has been a leader in collecting and preserving vintage wallpaper for over 25 years. Marilyn Krehbiel, owner and visionary, along with her two daughters Emma and Hannah, have dedicated their time and energy to the love of vintage wallpaper. 

When all that others could see was junk, the team at Hannah's Treasures saw beauty. When these historic design treasures were at risk of being thrown away, Marilyn Krehbiel stepped in to insist their worth, keeping them in circulation and out of the landfills. She has made it her mission to salvage these old wallpaper rolls and to make them available to artists, designers, films, museums, home restorations, photographers, and more. For years she has enjoyed making the connection between like-minded artists who see the value of these old designs and find ways to keep them alive in their own fields. 


Vintage Wallpaper Archive 

In our hopes of preserving this history and design, only one simple problem has plagued the Hannah's Treasures collection: limited quantity. All of the paper in our collection are actual old, authentic rolls from the early to mid- 20th century. Being some 50 - 90 years old and out of print, the papers in our collection all face the same fate---when they're gone, they're gone forever. They may live on in the backgrounds of movies or in photographs, in album covers or art installations, but nevertheless, every beautiful pattern ultimately disappears when the last inches are cut and hung. 

Recognizing this problem but unable to provide a lasting solution immediately, we instead made it our normal process in our decades of collecting and selling to save one repeat of each pattern before the final roll sold. We tucked these repeats away into storage for a future time and place where we could make use of them. Well, that time and place has finally arrived! 

We dreamed the dream. We invested in the technology. And we're finally getting to make it happen: we get to preserve these patterns for the long haul. And so here we are, making dedicated and passionate work out of digitizing our vintage wallpaper collection. We are so thrilled to be able to save these patterns in a format that keeps on giving, never runs out, and doesn't tear nearly as easily. We still love the actual vintage paper (there really is nothing like the feel of the old stuff), but we are excited about the opportunity to share our niche interest in ways more easily accessible to the contemporary needs of our customers. 


For questions regarding the digital images, please email hearly@hannahstreasures.com
or call (712) 755-3173

For old stock, double rolls of vintage wallpaper (the physical paper, not digital images), please visit www.hannahstreasures.com